Returns list of active orders on selected market or all available markets.

Path Params


Optional: symbol of trading pair you want information about.


If you want to get information from specific market just use below path:

Response details

marketstringCurrency pair of the market
offerTypestringOrder type: buy / sell
currentAmountdecimalCurrent amount of cryptocurrency in the order
lockedAmountdecimalLocked amount of cryptocurrency on a account
ratedecimalRate of the order
startAmountdecimalStarting amount of cryptocurrency in the order
timeUNIX timestampTime of execution on server. For this time all above values are actual.
postOnlybooleanTrue if order is postOnly.
modestringOrder mode: limit / market
receivedAmountdecimalAmount of received cryptocurrency
firstBalanceIdUUIDUUID of first currency from the market code.
secondBalanceIdUUIDUUID of second currency from the market code.