Returns list of active stop orders on selected market or all available markets.

Path Params


Optional: symbol of trading pair you want information about.

Response details

offersarrayAn array of active stop offers.
idUUIDUnique stop offer id. It's not equals to offer that will performed after reaching of stopRate.
operationIdUUIDUnique id of performed operation.
userIdUUIDUnique id of your account.
marketstringMarket code.
amountdecimalAmount of cryptocurrency.
ratedecimalOffer rate. Null in stop-market mode.
stopRatedecimalActivation rate.
statusstringCurrent status of the stop order.
offerTypestringOffer type: buy /sell.
modestringOffer mode: stop-limit / stop-market.
balancesarrayAn array of the wallets on which offer will be executed.
* firstUUIDUUID of the wallet for first currency in pair.
* secondUUIDUUID of the wallet for second currency in pair.
createdAtUNIX timestampTime of created stop order.
flagsarrayAn array of additional flags. None of flags are available right now. It will be suckesively adding.