The Ticker provides a general overview of the configuration and statistics of all markets or just a selected one - to do this, simply add the market code in the address. It shows the value of the smallest transaction we can make and the precision of the amount, rate and price. The precision of the amount (amountPrecision) determines how accurately we can determine the quantity of the first currency to buy or sell, the precision of the price (pricePrecision) determines the number of decimal places to which the result of our transaction will be rounded or how accurately we can determine the quantity of the second currency, the precision of the rate (ratePrecision) determines the number of decimal places of the rate with which we want to place an offer. Rate precision can vary over time depending on the exchange rate for a particular currency market. The precisions of amount (amountPrecision) and price (pricePrecision) stay unchanged. The Ticker also returns the current best bid and ask, as well as the last and the previous transaction price.

Path Params


Optional: symbol of trading pair you want information about.


If you want to get information from specific market just use below path:

Response details

codestringCurrency pair for request
amountPrecisionintegerNumber of decimal places of the first currency.
pricePrecisionintegerNumber of decimal places of the transaction price or second currency.
ratePrecisionintegerNumber of decimal places of the rate.
first / secondarrayArrays of data from first and second currency pair
* currency stringCurrency shortcut
* minOffer decimalMinimal value of currency that you can provide to order
* scale integerDecimal precisionThis field will be removed in the future.
timeUnix TimestampTime of execute on server. For this time all values are actual
highestBiddecimalThe best price of buy order at the moment
lowestAskdecimalThe best price of sell order at the moment
ratedecimalRate of the last transaction
previousRatedecimalRate of the penultimate transaction.