In case of unsuccessful request execution a Fail status will be returned along with appropriate error message. List of common error messages is presented below; those not listed are related to specific method category which they are part of.

Error messageDescription
PERMISSIONS_NOT_SUFFICIENTAPI Key permissions are not sufficient to perform given action.
INVALID_HASH_SIGNATUREAPI-Hash signature is not valid.
RESPONSE_TIMEOUTResponse time was exceeded.
TIMEOUTInvalid: parameters / request type / path.
ACTION_BLOCKEDAction was blocked on user account.
ACTION_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDAction limit was exceeded. You need to wait one minute before making another request.
UNDER_MAINTENANCEThe exchange is currently under maintenance. You will get also additional field: estimatedTime in Unix Timestamp and it is the time when works will be done.